Since it is christmass, it may (or may not) be appropriate to write about “The Holy Land”. The war down there has been going on now for decades. Just about as long as the state of Israel has existed. Is this constant state of war with almost all their neighbouring countries and against the local palestinian population what the early sionists wanted when they decided to move to Palestine? Will Israel survive longer than the crusader states did? Like them it’s existance is solely dependant on outside military assistance and the quarreling between it’s islamic enemies. If the US and it’s rich jews would stop helping the state of Israel, would the whole state just collapse? If a new Saladin would appear to unite Israels enemies and the Israeli state would be crushed, would they use their “secret” nuclear weapon?

Religion is a wondrous thing. Especially in politics. How is it possible that apartheid system in South Africa was universally condemned by all the nations in the world, but quite similar system in Israel is tolerated? Is it just because of the quilt felt by western nations for the jewish genocide by the nazis? Or is it because of the symphaty felt by many christian movements for the exodus of the jewish people? What is the actual connecting link between these christians and the jews anyway? Why do so many christians relate more to the israeli jews than to the palestinian christians? Or is the western world just united behind israelis in defence against muslim terrorists? If this is the case, we should remember that it was actually the CIA ans Mossad (israeli secret service) who originally employed the car bombing techniques. Actually one should not need exeptional mental capabilities to understand that it is the refugee camps where palestinians have lived now for generations under facistic israeli regime, wich produce the terrorists and people desperate enough to sacrifice themselves as suicide bombers. No doubt about it many of the terrorist organisations are more like crime organisations who actually benefit the constant strife, but it is by no means a way to fight criminals to bomb whole cityblocks from fighterplanes. The collateral damage will have it’s payback. Ofcourse it is not just the criminals who benefit from the war. In the goverment of Israel there are many “landowners”, who own land in the occupied territories. They use wery cheap labour from the palestinian refugee camps. It is not only the israelis who use palestinians as slaves. In official rhetorics countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and The Arab Emirates condemn Israel, but in reality they benefit from the cheap palestinian labour. Well the richest families benefit. The common person in those countries does not benefit from ultra cheap foreing work force, but since he/she is actually just another foreigner from Indonesia or the Philippines it only shows in his/her low salary. And in the end the western world gets it’s share here by having low prices of oil. (Using a lot of oil for our cars and plastic bags is of course so good for the whole world.)

It is wery sad, that jewish people who have suffered the most horrific fate of being persecuted through centuries all over Europe and finally allmost destroyed by rasistic nazi regime, have become racists who persecute the palestinians by collective punishment and close them to “ghettoes” with concrete walls. What is actually the “final solution” of the state of Israel to the “palestinian problelm”, unless it is not peacefull coexistance?

The major problem in the area is not the fact who claims what faith, but the visible line between the rich western world and the so called third world. Where those two worlds collide there will be violence.